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William Easterly
From gyoza to samosa to pierogi: the globalization of dumplings under the Mongol Empire 1200-1350
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Arjun Divecha Jan 9
Super cool Bill! Hi from the dog park....
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William Easterly Jan 9
Hi Arjun! I defer to you as the samosa expert...
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Yuliya Komska Jan 10
Twitter or not, cite your sources, prof. This is from ‘s book Cuisine and Empire. The reference was in the original tweet. Erasing the author, esp. a woman author, is uncool, Hard to fathom why one would do it.
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Amyaz Moledina Jan 9
Replying to @bill_easterly
Which text is this in ?
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Trey Malone Jan 9
It’s from ’s incredible book. Very much worth reading/earmarking/indexing.
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renuka mendis Jan 9
samosas are not dumplings. puhleeeese
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Arkhadi Pustaka Jan 9
the article said, "the relation between dumpling and samosa is unclear". And I agree with you, samosa is different that dumplings. I think samosa is heavy on the potato fillings that is remotely different than what usually fill dumplings.
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Sam Wang Jan 9
Impressive! One small note: to my knowledge, there is an error in this map. Mantou is a soft solid bread, basically a bun. If I understand correctly, the desired word is probably jiaozi.
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Rachel Laudan Jan 10
Today, yes. But I think someone on Twitter or FB, I think Sean Chen, confirmed my belief that it was originally a dumpling. I'll try and track it down but there has been so much activity it may take a while.
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