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Tweets Dec 6
Websites could make life easier by replacing burdensome "Captchas" with simple text-based questions that a "robot" can't answer.
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"Captcha challenges" are spreading across the web, creating roadblocks for disabled people and computers that lack "supported" browsers.
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The regular Instrumental Music section also contains a few more songs now than it did in the past.
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For a selection of instrumental MIDI Christmas music, please see the Monthly Featured Songs section on
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The email address is working again. Please re-send any messages that didn't get a reply. Sorry and thanks!
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See BL's "Monthly Featured Songs" section for two Halloween tunes
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was down earlier this weekend, but it's back online today.
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The local "Detailed Weather" link will be fixed soon and new "Monthly Featured Songs" added. Sorry for the wait (very busy at the moment)
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is an interesting site listed under Travel on - see and read about places located along the "Mother Road"
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Some websites may stop working on older web browsers today because they're switching to a new security protocol. If your computer or OS can't run a newer browser, please see for alternative websites to use.
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The Computing section offers links to fast, useful sites about software, tech news, printer ink, spyware, web design and more.
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Happy Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year
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Summer is here! Check out the Recreation section on for boating, camping and hiking info.
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Happy from ... A few facts about the holiday:
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SeaMonkey 2.40 is handy when you need to use some of the more complex websites on WinXP/Vista/7 with a Pentium III or earlier CPU
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The Finance section at features fast, informative websites about personal finance, loans, investing and more.
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Pere Hospital May 18
"You have to be careful what you think you know." Very sound advice
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For ultra-fast, quality websites on cats, birds, ferrets, lizards, sea creatures and more, please see the Animals section on
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nonprofit offers inexpensive dial-up access in Nova Scotia. Members can browse faster using the links on
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