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Texas Rancher whips off his giant belt buckle and gives it to Trump as a present for his son Barron Trump. Trump said he was trying to "bribe" him with the belt buckle. (vid via )
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Ruben O. Villarreal 10 Jan 19
That Big Cowboy is my pal Monty Awbrey and that’s a Trophy Buckle. His gesture is all about respect for God and Country.
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Bear Register 10 Jan 19
In Texas, a man giving his buckle as a gift is truly a sign of respect. Especially if the giver earned the buckle.
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Sleepy Joel VSG. 10 Jan 19
It takes a ballsy man to start fumbling with his belt in front of the 😂 Everything truly is bigger in Texas.
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Grace in Your Face 🙏🏼❤️🇺🇸 10 Jan 19
Texans don’t hand out belt buckles unless you’re family. Beautiful gift!
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Chad Lawless-O'Hare 10 Jan 19
Dude.... I’d love to see the Secret Service’s response when he started doing this. I’m shocked he didn’t get gang tackled.....
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Sandy Rettig 10 Jan 19
The BEST! Gotta love Texas!
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Matt 10 Jan 19
Just in...MSM accuses Trump of accepting bribes.
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