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Benjamin Wolk
Former Auburn DL signee Kayode Oladele informed me today the NCAA has cleared him as an academic redshirt. He's eligible to be on scholarship and practice this fall + participate full-time in 2019. Oladele is open to all FBS schools. |
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micah 6 Aug 18
I donโ€™t understand why auburn didnโ€™t wait then
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Benjamin Wolk 6 Aug 18
Replying to @Wareagle24165
If you subscribe to and read this thread, itโ€™ll help clear up some of that confusion.
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Chia 7 Aug 18
Butch Davis is Building something special in Miami's only public University. Come to see what Butch is Cooking.
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We are Florida State! 7 Aug 18
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Hank 6 Aug 18
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Jim Wright 7 Aug 18
Sic โ€˜em Bears!
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Kelsey Stewart 7 Aug 18
We should go after him!!! Hey please extend an OV to this individual!!
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Power of Dixieland 6 Aug 18
Replying to @benjaminwolk
Then why did Auburn cut bait? Bc it took a lil longer to get past clearinghouse? Has this ship already sailed or does Auburn still have an open scholarship after Cord Sandberg? Just seems like the kid has a high ceiling, but raw. Heck, heโ€™s already built like an NFL player
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eliminoP 6 Aug 18
Too late for AU?
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Jay 7 Aug 18
๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝcome home ! The U
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Joel 8 Aug 18
What is an academic redshirt?
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Teddy Schoenbein 8 Aug 18
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