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Austen Ivereigh
Lessons from Cardinal Pell’s 6-year jail sentence: “The Church can expect allegations to be treated as proven crimes, not in spite of the defendants’ clerical status, but because of it.”
He was convicted on the word of one person testifying behind closed doors
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maureen Clarke. Mar 13
Replying to @austeni
The counsel for Pells defence asked that Pell be given a sentence not judged or based on his position in the church but as a man .This is almost impossible because of the power structure within the church of which Pell took clear advantage
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Diederik Wienen Mar 14
Replying to @austeni @ALucieSmith
Think about that twice...
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dennis michael hand sabocik Mar 14
Replying to @austeni @ALucieSmith
Cardinal Pell was treated as accused gang members are treated in El Salvador's "Specialized Tribunals". "Specialized" means presumption of guilt, and a guilty verdict simply for the word of one paid, anonymous witness behind closed doors.
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