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David Henderson
I read with dismay that are having their second price increase this year. We had 15% in May, now another 5% has been announced. I have supported Ilford for many years, but haven't had a pay rise for two years. Time to find an alternative film.
Per an update notification issued in September, an increase of at least 5% on all photographic film and paper products will be passed from HARMAN
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Andrew Keedle Oct 18
Hmmm, it’s a tough one. I would not like to see a world without in it. With COVID and Brexit it’s tough for everybody. If they can support ULF, I can support them. 🤗
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David Henderson Oct 18
Replying to @apkeedle @ILFORDPhoto
It's certainly tough, and I think two price hikes in under a year is just too much. I've used Ilford for over 35 years, but this just feels like our legs are being lifted. We have been told that there won't be a pay rise this year, and there wasn't one last year either.
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