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Anton Sotkov Sep 3
If app folders are missing from iCloud Drive on macOS Catalina beta 7: 1. Disable iCloud Drive in System Preferences → Apple ID 2. Run this command in Terminal: `find ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/*/Documents -type l -maxdepth 0 -exec rm '{}' ';'` 3. Enable iCloud Drive.
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Anton Sotkov
macOS Catalina beta 7 reverts to iCloud Drive setup from macOS Mojave. Unfortunately, it keeps outdated symlinks from betas 1–6 which prevent app folders from working.
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Florian Schulz Sep 5
Replying to @antons @iAWriter
Thank you! Seems to work for most apps. still has an issue. When I do right click / copy library path it is “/”. When I try to assign a new alias in Finder, I can’t select the iAWriter folder from iCloud. Fixable? So far I manually added the folder.
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Anton Sotkov Sep 8
Replying to @getflourish
The command is supposed to resolve this issue specifically. Was iA Writer open when you ran it? I recommend removing the location you added manually, then running the steps from my tweet, but restarting your Mac after step 1.
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