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Andy Park
I hear some people are having MCU withdrawals. I feel ya. Waiting is tough I know! Here’s a little something- a concept design illustration I did for the upcoming Hawkeye show. This was seen on the “Expanding the Universe” featurette on Disney+
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ThatOneNerdRon Aug 3
Really am loving this comic book adaptation / design for Kate Bishop for the MCU!
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Natalia Aug 3
She looks perfect 😭😭😭
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🩸🩸Vinegar Fabbio🩸🩸 Aug 3
It looks like this illustration was done with Hailee Steinfeld in mind.
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C-MC Aug 3
Liana Ramirez as Kate Bishop (edited by me)
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Mateo ᱬ Aug 3
There are a lot of problems in the world right now to care about. The MCU will eventually come back stronger than ever! ♥ I will patiently wait for it ♥
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Jason Boochard Aug 3
Same. Funny thing is I was actually getting burnt out as phase 3 was coming to an end. So this hiatus should get me more interested once black widow and other MCU series get released.
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🎃 amazingcroft 🎃 Aug 3
So so so good. 💜💜💜
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TheViewFromNowhere Aug 3
Great work as always Andy!
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