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Sam Sanders 17 Feb 19
Tell me your Weirdest eating/drinking habit you had as a kid! . I’ll go first: When I was like 8 years old, I used to carry a little bottle of apple cider vinegar around wherever I went, taking a swig every now and then like a lush w/his flask.
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Amanda Flores Stout
Mouthfuls of Coffee mate French vanilla powder creamer
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Amanda DelGiudice 17 Feb 19
This is gross
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Amanda Flores Stout 17 Feb 19
Replying to @delgiudice_ae
I know. This was when I was young. Nobody said the claim to fame would be pretty. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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••Sooner_Chef•• 17 Feb 19
I did that with these as a kid!
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🧚🏼‍♀️All Black Lives Matter🌙 18 Feb 19
I was just coming here to say that!!! ohmygosh, so much of that😭😂
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Mentoman 18 Feb 19
Mouthfuls of Lipton iced tea mix. Then one day someone bought an unsweetened mix like instant coffee, and that was a mistake so I spit it in the garbage. I don’t know if it was more embarrassing explaining that I was eating dry iced tea mix or that I was not pooping in the trash
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Everyone knows BLM 18 Feb 19
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random fandom 18 Feb 19
So good!😁
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Mawb [eminently reasonable] 18 Feb 19
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lisajoy 18 Feb 19
My fella eats hot chocolate powder out of the can with a spoon. He’s 45. 😕
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caseyflannery.CRE 18 Feb 19
Ok, but what's wrong with this?
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