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Some things just run in the Trump family. Trump’s Sister, A Federal Judge, Was Heavily Involved In Brother’s Tax Fraud via
Judge Maryanne Barry Trump played a significant role in the Trump siblings' tax evasion schemes.
The Intellectualist The Intellectualist @highbrow_nobrow
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Tiffany Hammer Oct 4
This was after Fred Trump's connections to Netanyahu and Bill Clinton nominated her. The dark corruption of money in politics and tax fraud will no longer be obfuscated. If we want a truly free civilization it must all come to light.
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Kevin Kendall Oct 4
We all know the Trumps are crooked as a dog hind leg. But, what are we going to do about it? Theses assholes seem like they're made out of Teflon.
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Proud Democrat 🇺🇸 Oct 4
Going down with the ship. Woo hoo!
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Mary Elizabeth Smythe Oct 4
How nice. Instead of having a tRump wing at a respected medical center/hospital we can have a tRump wing at a real prison. Not one they built, but one reserved for the tRumps, their spouses, and anyone who was complicit in their crimes.
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Fuzzy Genius Oct 4
So how can she stay on the bench?
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vicki ross Oct 4
No surprise there...and STILL the $$ wasn’t enough. MORE! MORE!
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⚡️Chris Kairo 🇵🇷 is #VettingBernie The 1%-er Oct 4
Lock her up, throw away the key!!
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Talk is CHEAP Oct 4
Right now somewhere at a federal penitentiary they are making ready a new wing to house the entire Trump crime family. Who will play Trump in the movie version.
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Stephanie Young Wint Oct 4
No way they can get it all into a movie! It’s gonna have to be a Netflix series ~ probably 25 episodes a season over the next 10 years 🤔
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