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Alex Hutko
Pretty clear Westward propagation of rupture from today's M7.7 Caribbean earthquake; at least 200 km, but I suspect FFMs will show most of moment release likely near source.
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Brian OLSON Jan 28
This likely helps explain higher reported intensities at Cayman Islands compared to northern Jamaica (which is closer)? Plus numerous other factors that exist between the 2 areas I’m sure.
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Alex Hutko Jan 28
Yes. Also check out the radiation pattern as an IRIS product:
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Pablo Ampuero Jan 28
Replying to @alexanderhutko
That rupture length and direction would fit well in the 200 km long gap of historical seismicity:
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Stéphane Baize Jan 28
By the way, are there specific scaling relationships for this kind of oceanic crust earthquakes?
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Julie Huber, PhD Jan 28
Replying to @alexanderhutko @WHOI
A ship working at Mid-Cayman spreading center definitely felt it, consistent with this as well.
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Kimberly Kenz Jan 28
Towards Cancun
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