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In Alabama this week, a man punched a fire chief who was performing CPR on his wife
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Who could challenge Doug Jones in 2020?
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The crunched the numbers using a time-tested formula involving the number of fireworks stands in an area, and has identified the 10 most redneck counties in Alabama:
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Roy S. Johnson 3h
And power, courtesy of African Americans across the state—both those in power and on the ground doing the grassroots work. They’re just getting started.
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Cartoonist : The movement knocked Roy Moore off his high horse
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'Alabama's newest senator, Not Roy Moore': 'SNL' pokes fun at Senate race results
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At least 9 dead, 50 wounded as suicide bombers attack church in Pakistan
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Reckon 5h
And are these the top 10 Republicans?
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Reckon 5h
Are these the top 10 Democrats in Alabama?
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A letter to the girls of Alabama after Tuesday's Senate election: Your voice matters.
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'In some ways, Alabama fans can be unfairly labeled as arrogant, as rednecks, as a variety of things': Here's what outsiders really think of Alabama football fans
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Charles Barkley pledged $1 million for black women IT startups in Alabama as a thank you to black women who showed up for Doug Jones
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When will Doug Jones be sworn in to the U.S. Senate?
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Meet the genius behind the hilarious Doug Jones Kick Six parody
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Jonece Starr Dunigan Dec 16
Doug Jones' win is a sign of progress for the LGBTQ community, but that doesn't erase the issues they face. Activists spoke to me about what needs to be done as far as action & policy to get rid of barriers and discrimination.
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Challen Stephens Dec 16
Just ask the locals. Good reporting by
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Michael Casagrande Dec 16
Nick Saban unloads on his problems with early signing day.
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U.S. church shootings prompt Jefferson County Sheriff's Office to offer training
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Victims of a 2015 MAX bus crash in Birmingham have been awarded $12 million in damages
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Trussville City Council member Zachary Steele is being sued by a former employee of his optometrist practice who says he sexually harassed her and encouraged drug use in the office
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