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Serge Courrier Mar 15
[] Sarchy: an intriguing faceted search engine (with RSS saved search) based on the open source ans developped by (detected by ) : > Could be cool to know the size of its index!
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Agnel Vishal 🔥 Mar 15
The total webpages in yacy is 1,702,143,082. launched a week back and has 2,428,778 webpages. In 2-3 weeks we plan to increase the crawl speed by 30 times.
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Also, since relevancy is IMO still somewhat limited, you'd need to explain clearly somewhere on your SE home page what Sarchy's operators are. The simple use of "" on Sarchy is a bonus to relevancy. Keep up the good work and don't sell.
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Agnel Vishal 🔥
The search operators list will be added to home page in 24 hours. It will have location, date, distance between words etc
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