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This has seemingly gotten worse with every software release under Federighi. I often say that giving support to Mac and iPhone used to be great since everything was so predictable and explaining the problem often lead the person to a better understanding of the products.
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scott Oct 11
Replying to @mjtsai
Now it's just impossible to troubleshoot problems. I won't even offer to help anymore, because I have no idea where to start. And good luck with official Apple support.
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Meek Geek Oct 12
Replying to @agilethumbs @mjtsai
Yup, I have noticed a downslide since Mac OS X Lion, which was around the time Craig Federighi took over. Things were pretty rock solid in the early days of Mac OS X when Bertrand Serlet was in charge (e.g. performance used to improve from version to version).
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