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Adam H. Johnson
The North Korea Law of Journalism states: "editorial standards are inversely proportional to a countys enemy status"
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Jorgen 10 Sep 16
Haha, rock solid smoking gun evidence in the US. Good one...
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Adam H. Johnson 10 Sep 16
Replying to @jorgen83 @ggreenwald
when it's ABOUT the US govt, not "in" the US.
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ee ramone 8 Oct 18
Standards *about* the US in reporting. I.e. you can say crazy unfounded shit about North Korea but nobody will call Trump a liar unless he signs a sworn affidavit about it
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Elliot Turner 10 Sep 16
US - "rock solid, smoking gun" - Seriously??? Are you and I watching the same US media? lol
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Mr Laurence 13 Dec 16
Replying to @adamjohnsonNYC @Nin_99
when do we move Trump's America ne t to Iran and North Korea... January I expect.
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CEOemail βœ‰ - Marcus Williamson 13 Dec 16
. Here's an example of "fake news" about North Korea from March 2014:
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Nico 13 Dec 16
This is (negatively) proportional. Inversely proportional is this: :-)
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secretzelda 19 Aug 18
Replying to @adamjohnsonNYC think it is fine there despite eye witness accounts of those who have escaped? I'm sure you would have no problem moving there. Where most ppl are lucky for a few hours if electricity a day. Or wait...satellites are now fake news too, just like those who escaped?
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m b a fuccboi 31 May 19
Replying to @adamjohnsonNYC
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Louwill Lemon Pepper BBQ 31 May 19
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