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Boing Boing 1m
Donald Trump was paid $61,045 in “consulting fees” by his own company while in office
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is live on TWITCH 9am-3pm ET! Bringing you top notch interviews and hilarious banter. Join the conversation.
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The 2020 election is now just days away. Today, is LIVE on to discuss the incredible women you’ll find down the ballot.
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Adam Parkhomenko 1h
If Biden had stranded a bunch of seniors in the cold and several had to be hospitalized it probably would’ve been a one day story too. Right?
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Zerlina Maxwell 2h
From now on I’m just gonna start calling voter suppression CHEATING because that’s what it is
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Aaron Rupar 54m
Imagine you had $100 & someone came by & took 5. Then they came back and took 29 more, leaving you with $66. Then they come back a third time and give you back $22. So you have $88. Sure, you're happy to get $22 back, but you're still down $12. That's what Trump is bragging about
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Pretty sure team Trump's "herd immunity" policy is just no policy at all, right?
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'There is nothing in this president’s demeanor, past or present, to suggest that he has the fortitude or integrity to face auditors, prosecutors, or anyone else who challenges him.'
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The Hoarse Whisperer 14h
This is - and I do not say this lightly - the dumbest fucking thing this dumb motherfucker has ever broadcast. The Boya from La Jolla alleges his team had critical documents but didn’t bother making a copy and just dropped them in a FedEx where nefarious things occurred! 1/
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Vox 2h
US voters in five states will have a chance to legalize marijuana for recreational or medical uses this election. A decade ago, zero states had legalized marijuana. If all these measures are approved, marijuana would be legalized in 15 states.
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Reminder: Trump doesn't support the troops, has never supported the troops.
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Laurence Tribe 12h
Justice Kennedy’s retirement in good health is looking curiouser and curiouser with every new Deutschebank revelation from the tax returns Trump tried so hard to hide.
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Like McSally and John James, the Republican candidates who've never won an election are especially bad.
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James is beginning to think this Trump guy isn't on the level.
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Saladin Ahmed 16h
I voted today it's only one of our many political responsibilities but in a year where Nazis are trying very hard to take it away, it's a damn important one
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Ezra Klein 18h
Replying to @ezraklein
"Voter suppression is not just about direct denial; on a deeper level, it is about fostering intimidation, cynicism, and exhaustion to stop people from even trying to vote in the first place."
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Health Care Voices 17h
Join us & LIVE w/ to hear how the pandemic will transform our nation’s health care to come for a generation Tune in at:
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Banks and creditors are not usually so forgiving. Hmmm.
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Kind of a big deal...
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because he lied about our economy. because he lied about corruption. because he lied about protecting our rights. because he lied about COVID. because our lives depend on it. Why do you ?
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