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.: Did the PM mislead the public by pledging tax cuts by July 1? : The govt was elected on a platform to deliver the tax cuts. The challenge we've had is the AEC delivering & returning the writs PK: Are you satisfied by this? : I'm not
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💧Edward Jensz, Proud anti-Fascist socialist 4 Jun 19
Their excuses are bull. They knew full well that the changes would not pass both houses before the due date because Morrison held off on calling the election so he could generate more free advertising for his party at taxpayer expense. He is a fraud as are those defending him.
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Gladys Binchicken's Relationship Counsellor 4 Jun 19
Yes. He. Did. And that's just for starters.
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श्री राजन सर 4 Jun 19
How good is LYING PM!!
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🐇 Quails 4 Jun 19
What a lot of crap.
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Geoff Wooldridge 4 Jun 19
They lied again. It’s par for the course.
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Temppresence 4 Jun 19
Of course the lied, it is in the job description. The LNP can't get elected legitimately and they know it. I'd say the media needs to stop indulging them but Murdoch owns 70% of the traitors and the abc has been gutted .
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Dr Roger Wilkinson 4 Jun 19
In a word: No. ‘Star’ performer seems to have been dropped from the firsts. Maybe he’s not convincing enough when it comes to PR.
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Truth In Political Advertising 4 Jun 19
abused public office and abused public funds when mounting his franking credits roadshow. He’s a disgrace and we won’t forget his outright lies
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dt49 4 Jun 19
Sorry Tim. Morrison was in charge of the time line. He knew but did not expect to win. In no uncertain terms a broken promise. Does it warrant your past standard “kill the warlock”. I say no because that LNP attitude was obscene 👎 Yep, 1 broken promise already. Next services👎
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tracey brackenreg 4 Jun 19
First of many, as expected.
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