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Aatish Bhatia
This is pretty amazing. wrote a cat food company about how they could minimize material if each can’s height equals its diameter. They wrote back with this.
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Jon Wilkins 25 Nov 18
Spherical cat food can is the new spherical cow.
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Dr. Annelies Kamran 25 Nov 18
Lol! My thought exactly!
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Noah Zucker 25 Nov 18
Science vs Engineering
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Chris Puttick 25 Nov 18
Or production management; might look boring and pointy-haired, but actually it's a profession with a lot of knowledge within it.
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Nathan Lewis 25 Nov 18
Imagine finishing sophomore calculus and assuming a seasoned engineer needs your unsolicited advice in his specific area of expertise.
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Seth Barrett Tillman 25 Nov 18
It is like an academic lawyer writing a practitioner!
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Mike Schilling 25 Nov 18
I misread that at first as "if each ca*t*’s height equals its diameter. " I'd like to know how that discussion would have gone.
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Florian Dreher 26 Nov 18
This shows how optimized the products surrounding us actually are. Not all of course. Perhabs 99.9 % of the “why dont we do it this way“ ideas have already been tested, or lead to an overall worse solution.
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Hardy Hulley 26 Nov 18
That doesn’t surprise me at all. The optimisation and optimal control problems in manufacturing are really complex, and the people who work in these areas really know their shit. There’s no way a mathematician is going to walk in off the street and tell them how to suck eggs.
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Alt_Donkey 26 Nov 18
This person would never start a sentence with, “I’m not a scientist, but ....”
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