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ericasadun Feb 12
Would it be a good thing or a bad thing to have `compactMap`'s closure default to { $0 }, enabling the application of `compactMap()`?
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dimsumthinking Feb 12
Replying to @ericasadun
I still want if let foo = foo to be shortened to if let foo
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Guilherme Rambo
A shorthand syntax for safely unwrapping optionals as a requirement to run the body of a function would be great. So many of my functions start with lots of guard let foo = foo else { return }
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tex Feb 13
Good to hear you use guard over if let. So many functions I come across use an if let without anything after so it needlessly indents by one tab. Small complaint, but 3 if let’s in and you want to kill yourself.
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Guilherme Rambo Feb 13
I’m a huge fan of early returns
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