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Daniel Eden
`filter: invert(100%)` can be a hacky/cheap way to get a “dark mode” UI, but it obviously inverts colors too. Just add `hue-rotate(180deg)` to at least compensate for the hue inversion!
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Daniel Eden 27 Aug 19
Replying to @_dte
But be careful! You don’t have to look much further than Twitter to see why straight-up inverting colors does not make a good dark mode experience. This is not how shadows work.
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👤 28 Aug 19
Replying to @_dte @AundrellD2nd
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N.A #EndSARS 28 Aug 19
Replying to @akamaozu @_dte
wow, this man never forgets loooool
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Fabrizio Rinaldi 28 Aug 19
Replying to @_dte @levelsio
unfortunately it impacts performance a lot, on some webapps is reduces framerate substantially
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