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Jared Haight Jan 9
My favorite way to get code execution on DCs is with SCCM.
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OpSecMech Jan 9
Replying to @jaredhaight @PyroTek3
Do elaborate.
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Sean (going to Shmoo) Jan 9
I'll take a crack at this 😀 1. Identify SCCM Admin accounts 2. Compromise workstation in use by SCCM admin 3. Dump LSASS / keylog RDP to get account credentials 4. Connect to SCCM as admin 5. Build new package "Windows App Updates 20191229b" & deploy or something similar
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Matt Nelson Jan 9
Right click tools “interactive command prompt” FTW
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Rasta Mouse
I just wish SCCM wasn't so hard to install / setup, so I could try this in a lab. At least I found it really hard...
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Army Reservist Jan 12
deployment research sccm hydration scripts make it much faster to deploy an sccm environment i have found.
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฿Ɽł₳₦ Jan 10
Underrated tweet.
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