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Reggie Graham
Hey all! Now that it's revealed, here's the raw cover art for 's Sonic the Hedgehog #26 B Cover, penciled by , with inking and colors by me!
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Reggie Graham Jan 26
Also, gotta point out the idea to have the bg with monochrome colors was 's! We talked about it a bit and decided to go with a style similar to Sonic Channel's art last year. Though I couldn't resist making the texture more painty!
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miss kitties Jan 26
Also where the fuckles has Knuckles been?
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Ian Flynn Jan 26
Well, where do you remember leaving him last? He's most likely there. With your keys.
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Bracardi Curry!⚡ Jan 26
Amazing color choices dude!!! Can't wait to pick it up! ^^
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✨ Gᗩᗷᔕ ᔕᗩᗰ⚓️🇵🇾 ✨ Jan 26
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Dani Doodles Jan 26
I LOVE THE COLORS!!! Definitely getting this cover when it comes out. (Also love how the Babylon Rouges are apparently gonna help out with fighting the Deadly Six)
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Winged-Jewel Jan 26
Please let Rouge be badass and use her poweful kick , she has been benched for so many issues , she barely did anything in this zombot arc .
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.thomas. Jan 26
Looks great!
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Jack Lawrence 🏳️‍🌈Commissions closed Jan 26
Blimey, that's gorgeous, guys! 😍
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Elson Wong Jan 27
You've come a long way with your eye for colour Reggie. Great job!
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