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Zachary Quinto
simmer down kids. rumors are rumors for a reason. quotes out of context. let's let the second movie come out before we talk about a third...
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Roxy Orcutt 18 Nov 12
Summer Donna.
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thayna 18 Nov 12
Hey, Bloody Face, hahahahaha
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Arabella Hamad 18 Nov 12
so what's going on? what rumour?
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kat kettering 18 Nov 12
what? don't give me that much hope! i know there's rumor of a second one but i haven't seen a trailer yet! !
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Darío Ravera  ❇ ❈ ❅ 18 Nov 12
Hello Zachary, you're an excelent Spock!
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justanotherfilmnerd 18 Nov 12
so hang on... Are you saying you are or aren't going to be in the new Star Wars? :)
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UGEplex 18 Nov 12
. Hoi Chummer! I heard you'll be playing an elf from the 'Tir in the first ever Shadowrun movie! *chuckle* ^_^
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⚡️ ModelViews ⚡️ 18 Nov 12
We think NOT. is bigger then any of us!!!
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Jason 18 Nov 12
Honestly hadn't trusted any info, but it got me thinking. Either way, I've enjoyed your performances so far.
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Scott Gosnell 18 Nov 12
Gasp. You mean they kill you off in this one?!?!
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David Daniel 18 Nov 12
Your next tweet is your 1000th -- have anything profound in store for us?
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Cully Hamner 19 Nov 12
Honestly, I just read your comment as saying that the era of being limited by typecasting is ending (and I agree, BTW).
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