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Zack Labe
Climatological seasons in 2019... the global temperature is rising 📈🔥 Dec-Feb : 3rd warmest on record Mar-May : 2nd warmest on record Jun-Aug : *warmest on record* Sep-Nov : *warmest on record* (tied) [Data information: ]
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Marcel de Dood Dec 29
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ClimateVariability Dec 29
Replying to @ZLabe @NASAGISS and 3 others
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18, 19, 21 , 22 Dec 29
Replying to @ZLabe @NASAGISS
How far back can you go? Is there enough data from ice cores or anything to show climate change since year 0 or further?
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Joris van Litsenburg 🇳🇱🇪🇺🇺🇳 Dec 29
There's no need to. Is it?
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PoemOrchard Jan 1
What do you think about plastic?
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Conejo Valley Citizens Climate Lobby Dec 29
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Justy6 Dec 29
Thanks for the nice info
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MablesSonOfJables🌺⏳ Dec 30
We also had 30 million acres of forests burn in Siberia this year above Permafrost. I’m guessing that ice storm was all the cold air (polar vortex) that came down from the Arctic melting.
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