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Zack Labe
Beaver Lake in the Prince Charles Mountains of East . This ~150 km² epishelf lake has many unique features and is even influenced by tides. It is covered in smooth ice followed by a freshwater layer overtop denser seawater. [24 October 2018 via Sentinel-2 satellite]
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Kat Strickland Oct 28
Wow! Pretty cool!
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Larry79115 Oct 28
I dabbled in monitoring E.Antarctica and noticed some days this winter where it was only -10 to -20°C. This is not normal. Since there is seawater underneath the ice, and with the warmth in the oceans, I mean, yikes! What can you say about the Antarctic Winter in general?
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Rahul Mehta Oct 29
Does it stay liquid, at least partially, year-round? If so, how?
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Zack Labe Oct 29
The liquid layer is covered by smooth ice that is around 4 to 5 meters thick.
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Ron Mannhalter Oct 29
Reference map... Thank you for the lake's composition Zack!
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