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Police in Mash Central recover 37 solar batteries. They were stolen from mobile telecommunications boosters in Glendale, Mazowe, Chinhoyi, and Bindura
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davychaks35 Jan 14
these guys must hve stiffer punishment
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Solomon Angel Jan 14
Did they recover the Battries only or the team that stole the Battries as well
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dumisani  chapanduka Jan 14
Thiz batteries are from SA different from the ones in our base stations
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Oscar Dzingira Jan 14
Zesa ikango functioner, basa remapurisawo roita nyore
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Garikai Mhlanga Jan 14
Hang them
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Bishop I chukucha Jan 14
They were 52 and now they are reporting 37. Who are the thieves now
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The End Game πŸ’Ž(VEGENUARY) πŸ‡©πŸ‡°πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡Ό Jan 14
These are not the ones in use in Zimbabwe base stations. These are from SA and why different varieties as if the purchasing departments are buying from Siyaso?
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Blessing Makwara Jan 15
We need mushandira pamwe including Government Business and Entrepreneurs to create jobs and reduce crime in our country. Things are fast deteriorating to anarchy.
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Simon kudziwa Jan 14
Aaaah ah ah pkaipa
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