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Yvonne Strahovski
I donated to 'Birthday Fundraiser for the Amazon' - via Thank you for setting this up - we must care more for this planet we call home.
Nina Kiri Birthday Fundraiser for the Amazon My people. Just like many of you I am deeply saddened to hear about the amazon fires. Not only is the amazon one
GoFundMe GoFundMe @gofundme
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Nina Kiri Aug 27
Replying to @Y_Strahovski @gofundme
YVONNE! Thank you. much love sister.
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g r a c e ☆ Aug 27
get that coin, save that rainforest, you go girl, ily
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Melody Aug 28
Thank you for sharing this link. Will do my part to donate. 🌏
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Amazing K Aug 27
Thank you. Você é uma pessoa maravilhosa. Seu gesto é admirável.
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Ronaldo Silva Aug 27
Thank you. O Brasil agradece
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vitória Aug 27
Replying to @Y_Strahovski
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Nicole F Aug 27
Any chance you would like to help a w . I 👀400students and buy my own kids ❤️🙌🏻activities. My 🥅is to keep them engaged. Any help L/sm is appreciated.
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João Oliveira Aug 27
Thank You dear!! ❤️❤️
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Sarah Alex Walker 🌈 Aug 27
Thank you. You're awesome Walker 😍 God bless you and your family 🙏
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japanese horror story Aug 27
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stuart gillies Aug 28
As great a thing as this is from what I've seen on the news the Brazilian government won't accept help from the G8 because of a spat with the French president and also states that its their rainforest so they can do what they want. So this may be an excerise in futility 😢
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Carson Au Aug 28
Go vegan!
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Robert Aulet Aug 29
God bless you , that’s One president that needs burned !
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Patricia Aug 29
Well done, you are the best.
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Nicks Aug 27
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Christopher Thomas Aug 27
Unfortunately i was stung by a Nigerian con man on . It seems its riddled with them, and a cause like this would be 'easy money' for these conmen! So watch who your giving your money to Yvonne.
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Obrigado pela doaçao! Mas Infelizmente o presidente do meu pais, é um imbecil,que nao esta nem ai para protecao ambiental!
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Seçkin Erdem Aug 27
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