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Yoni Appelbaum
. asked Steve Bannon why White House briefings are now off camera. He texted back: "Sean got fatter.”
Asked for an explanation, Steve Bannon texted, “Sean got fatter.”
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Aris Teon 20 Jun 17
At least now we know why Bannon himself is always off camera
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Bonaire_diver 20 Jun 17
In his instance it was "I got drunker" 🙄
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tess gerritsen 20 Jun 17
Replying to @YAppelbaum @RosieGray
Sean is like a battered spouse who just keeps taking and taking the abuse. Seriously, he needs to flee to a shelter.
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Ellen Reeher Morris 20 Jun 17
Like Trump and Bannon should talk about people weight
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Mitig8nFctrs⚖ 20 Jun 17
Right?!?! They're pigs!
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Jenny Stern Alford 20 Jun 17
Pretty soon everything they do will be without "explanation"
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🏙🚨🎷🧩♟iVena5🎟🤸🏽‍♀️🔥♌️💯 20 Jun 17
LOL!! The explanations they given now-- don't make sense!
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David Vincent Gagne 20 Jun 17
Pre-existing condition. Tough luck.
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Cory Oldweiler 20 Jun 17
Bannon followed that text by overnighting a blackened kettle, his copy of Don Quixote and a handwritten note, “Srsly he is so fat. Amirite?”
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