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annabelle bertucio
I'm so sorry pen testers, Kubernetes attackers, and , but today we released the GA of GKE Workload Identity. No more overly privileged service accounts, no more keys that live for 10 years. See the original blog for a walk through:
The new Workload Identity for GKE integrates with Cloud IAM to make authentication to Google Cloud services easier and more secure.
Google Cloud Google Cloud @googlecloud
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Edoardo Tenani Mar 13
Will it be available for Cloud Run too? That would be awesome!
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mike danese Mar 13
Cloud Run has it (or at least the equivalent): Workload Identity should work with Cloud Run on GKE as well. Just enable both.
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Tobias Funke is a Real Boy Mar 13
Pentesters want to be put out of work by developers so we can all pursue our true passion, testing actual pens
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Ryan McAdams Mar 13
Might I recommend the Tornado Stealth Rollerball?
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Ian Coldwater 📦💥 Mar 13
Replying to @WhyHiAnnabelle
I feel so loved 🥰 Great work, everyone!
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Wesley McGrew Mar 13
I appreciate the apology but we’ll manage to entertain ourselves with something else I’m sure. (Good job!)
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thaddeus e. grugq Mar 13
Dick move!
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Felipe Martinez Mar 14
Workload Identity is already easily integrated with during the creation as well. Good to see it is in GA, nice job!
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🅵🅴🅵🅵🅸 Mar 13
Yeah, sure, the holy grail of security...
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Katnik 🌈 Mar 13
I still believe implementation can be goofed up. 💫
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