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West Midlands Fire
Major fire in Smethwick Fire Control have now taken over 400 999 calls to the fire in Dartmouth Road
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Pam 1 Jul 13
keep safe guys
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tony wootton 1 Jul 13
there seems to be a lot of fires at these recycling plants lately . Suppose its one way of clearing the stockpile
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CInsp Kerry Blakeman 1 Jul 13
- working in extremely dangerous conditions - as echoed by other followers cc@spshilton @Neil_Griff
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simon shilton 1 Jul 13
im not allocated yet, will be going later this afternoon but bambusering live from scene about 11. RT
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Saul Tigh 1 Jul 13
Jeepers, looks immense. Makes my Monday morning look tame by comparison
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E-J 1 Jul 13
stay safe x
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Glyn Berrington 1 Jul 13
You guys do a brilliant job. Well done again.
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Philip Yarwood 1 Jul 13
Hoping injuries aren't bad to the 9 firefighters!!
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B'ham News Photos 1 Jul 13
Congratulations, best photo of the year in my opinion, amazing image...
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Big Iain 1 Jul 13
: Major fire in Smethwick Fire Control in Dartmouth Road ” amazing pic.
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Libor Jany 1 Jul 13
Incredible image (h/t ) MT Major fire in Smethwick Fire Control have now taken
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