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Neil Before Zod™
Can the Ontario PC Party do anything without cheating? Nominations that involved OPP, contested leadership, a PC candidate involved in 407 data breach, parachute candidates, and now this? They are a crime syndicate not a party. via
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RetiredRailroader 17 May 18
and coincidentally, their leader has a 'syndicate' look about him ..
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☘Peter☘ 17 May 18
No one is surprised it is his M0
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michael grimaldi 18 May 18
Talk about Liberal corruption- the Doug Ford Tories are challenging their level of corruption before they even get elected-don"t go from bad to worse
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Pat Cuthbert GPA GPC 18 May 18
Room looks pretty empty. (Or is that "Ford's" imagination?)
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Bernadine Joel 🇨🇦 17 May 18
Trump 2.0 "accepts responsibility" = firing staff Leader was not aware = BS! Left off itinerary = just a coincidence Walking thru this pile of BS for 4 years? Better grab a shovel & some hip-waders, folks!
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Stephen 17 May 18
I saw Ford at the Yonge Street memorial walk. He looked in a hurry to get away
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