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Warner Archive Jun 25
Replying to @MichaelF788
Unfortunately, demand for the previous releases of The Originals on Blu-ray did not meet our expectations, so the series will only be released on DVD and streaming. We share your disappointment.
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Warner Archive
Unfortunately, the new season of iZombie has clearance issues which preclude a Blu-ray release. However, the good news is that Season 5 of the 100 will be available on Blu-ray disc:
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is bringing The CW’s The 100 Season 5 to Blu-ray and DVD on October 9th. The Blu-ray edition of The 100 Season 5 will be part of the Warner Archive Collection and be...
TheHDRoom TheHDRoom @thehdroom
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bevilacq12 Jun 25
How do clearance issues occur w a brand new show? Surely home video is considered in song licensing etc... Does the issue preclude DVD as well? I really hope you can fix, either through clearing it or editing original ep(s) if necessary.
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Mike M Jun 27
Awful news about IZombie S4 not coming to blu ray, surely something can be done!
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Will Bueche Jun 27
Saw your update that it is not a clearance issue, just a cost issue. So just do what you do for the Lucifer BluRays - make it a little more expensive. We'll buy it.
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bswanson Nov 23
what clearance issues
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Simon Parker Dec 13
So, are we cleared yet? As a non-Netflix, non-Stan person waiting for iZombie Season 4 (because I don't want to PIRATE it), this is a tad frustrating.....
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stephen donsky Jan 10
What about a DVD will we ever get season 4 on any platform? I collect all DC comic adaptations and would hate to miss out on season 4
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Cat-Lee Feb 27
what do you mean clearance issues???
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Warner Archive Feb 27
Clearance issues have to do with securing the rights to Physical Home Video formats. Rights can include a lot of different things including source material/music/publishing etc etc.
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