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Planning to buy some gifts over the holidays? Learn about a wide range of savings options for your money goals, including traditional bank savings accounts and more:
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Food borne illnesses have no long-lasting effects on most people, but they can be life-threatening to older adults, infants, young children, pregnant women, and other people with severe conditions. Find out how to protect your family with these steps!
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Did you recently change apartments or move to a new city? To make sure you get your mail at your new place, you can go to your local post office and request a mover’s guide packet or change your address online:
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How much do you know about heart disease? Take this quiz and learn how you can lower your risk of suffering a heart attack:
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Today is the . If you smoke, today is a good day to make a plan to quit and start a smoke-free life. Learn more about the health benefits of kicking this habit:
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Celebrate by making sure you don't have to discard any items at the checkpoint. Find out which items should be checked or left at home:
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Bats first appeared on Earth 50 million years ago, and today, there are more than 1,300 species worldwide and 47 in the United States. Bats remain a frontier of wonder and discovery -- from understanding their longevity to inspiring medical marvels:
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Prepare now, survive during, be safe after. Learn what you need to do when up against a wildfire at any stage of the disaster:
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It’s common to feel stress, anxiety, and even depression after a disaster. Reach the disaster distress helpline at 1-800-985-5990 for support and counseling:
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Don't miss your chance to bid on government property! Visit today and discover the possibilities!
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Are you at risk for diabetes? Learn how diet and exercise play a key role in helping you take control of your health:
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. is working to protect women from harassment by landlords and other rental property representatives. Learn how you can report if you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual harassment in housing:
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RT : If you're one of the 30.3 million Americans with , you should know your diabetes ABCs. Learn other ways to manage your diabetes and stay healthy:
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November is Manatee Awareness Month! Explore some of the most important (and amusing) facts about manatees:
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Active shooter incidents can evolve quickly, it's important to know what you can do. This instructive video shows the steps you can take if you ever find yourself in this situation:
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Need to replace a damaged passport? Find out how:
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Find autumn health and safety tips, including steps to prevent the flu, how to keep your kids safe and healthy, and more via :
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Dry conditions increase the potential for wildfires in or near wilderness areas. Stay alert for wildfire warnings and learn what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from wildfire smoke:
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Have you ever considered becoming a foster parent? Foster care is a service for children who can’t live in their home and need a temporary place to live. Learn how you can help:
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Scraping for money this holiday season? Find out if the government owes you money:
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