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UN Climate Change
“It’s critical that all of you significantly step up the work and to move towards official draft negotiating texts with a view to finalizing and adopting them as the ’s implementation guidelines at ”, conveyed to
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John Stansfield 4 Sep 18
Problem is that a lot of the decision-makers are in bed with the industries causing the problem. These decision-makers need to be 'outed.'
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❌La Bourgeoisie 4 Sep 18
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Greg Cassell 5 Sep 18
Because the press is more interested in bone spurs Donnie and the reality tv Washington has become than the real work some are trying to do to fix this planet. Which sells the most newspapers?
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Pierre Elias🌳 5 Sep 18
If agreeable keen to exchange. , "Papua New Guinea locally Owned Startup From and For South Pacific" 🌳 & Software (latest version ). ++
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