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Tyren Nov 29
Now that Thanksgiving is over we can safely start decorating for Christm- OH NO
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🔕 Nov 29
Replying to @TyrenTiger @Kurrikage
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It's a modified, scaled up version of this model from thingiverse, plus a simple 3D printed star :D
You may have seen this goose if you've been on the interwebs the last few weeks. I took Nitomatta's fantastic 3D Model (thanks!), converted and posed it so it looks like in one of the game's promot...
Thingiverse Thingiverse @thingiverse
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Emiliano Martinez Nov 29
Replying to @TyrenTiger
Would you mind if I asked how much it was scaled? I was considering printing one that was about the size of a normal goose and this looks pretty close.
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Tyren Nov 29
Replying to @skepsipol
It's a 2x scale of the original model, then tweaked to sit on the tree and hold a wire for the star. I'd say it's still a bit small for a 'real' goose size, you probably want closer to 4x for that.
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Pepper Dec 1
But what if I need to just buy a goose and not a whole 3D printer? 😅
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