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A great book will find its way into the hands of great readers. Book: Facebook: Twitter:
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Wow! Today's book has skyrocketed to the #1 in the category! Check it out: Congratulations !
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High praise for the wonderful Dorothy Mercer and her book Cynthia and Dan! Book: Facebook: Twitter:
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rob white 24h
When you learn to love yourself unconditionally, you are no longer attached to fear of failure (Sweet Liberty!)
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Buck Joffrey Jun 17
This week's guest is Jorge Newbery. He not only overcame debt, but he built an entire career based on it. Don't miss this episode!
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A great number of options.
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T_Hi 7h
Replying to @TwBookClub @LenFoley
I'm sure a lot of adults, like myself, can remember being pushed to be something that they weren't & didn't want to be, especially in terms of their career, & can therefore sympathize w/Benny. I also like that the book has a lot of educational elements for its target age group.
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BOOK OF THE DAY -- June 18th Temporarily FREE: Four Funny Potatoes! by Rated perfect 4/4 by the official Review Team and several Volunteer Reviewers!
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“Laced with satirical humor and likeable protagonists, it's both relevant and important. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts.” - Van Fleisher Book: Author FB: Author Twitter:
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John's isolation might be coming to an end...find out how in 'The Undeparted'. Book: Twitter:
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BOOK OF THE DAY June 17th Free on KU: Something Happened Today by Published by "Kotz’s tone is animated, appreciative, humorous and inspirational." -- OBC reviewer, Rated 4/4
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Today's interview features Greg Kater author of Skills of the Warramunga book of the month for October 2019. Stop by to find out how the author researched this book so thoroughly.
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A story about life and love by Sherry Kauppi. Book: Facebook:
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Hop on board for a bumpy ride with 'Adrift' by Charlie Sheldon. Book: Facebook: Twitter:
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Question on : Since studies show teenagers tend to naturally fall asleep later than other age groups (~11pm) and need up to 10 hours of sleep, should public high schools make sure to start absolutely no earlier than 9am?
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Andrea Fernández Jun 15
I won the daily giveaway on June 4! Yay! A $20 Amazon gift card! Thanks, , and ! You're awesome!
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BOOK OF THE DAY June 16th Check it out: Hallowed Ground by This book gives a definite nod to the importance of preserving the precious Civil War battlefields still remaining.
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Michael G. Colburn Jun 7
Perfect 4 out of 4 Star Professional Review
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You won't want to miss this thriller by R.J. Torbert, which was also our BOTM for December of 2018.
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