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Linnea Tanner is a hard working woman who does all she can to write the best stories. Book:  Author: Apollo's Raven Author Twitter:
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BOOK OF THE DAY February 20th Only $2.99: Rated PERFECT 4/4 by OBC and PERFECT 5/5 on Amazon!
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Amanda Nicole Hupe Feb 19
Me after getting another Amazon gift card from and Thank you so much!
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Tara Brown 18h
I won the drawing on 2-12-18! Thank you, & for my $20 GC! 🎉😎🎆 💯Best ever!💯 Join us:
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Wow! Today's book has jumped to the #8,690 bestseller in the Paid Kindle Store!! Check it out:
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Julie Whitley Feb 19
Wow! I’ve never read an interactive murder mystery before, but the great review has me convinced. I have to add Murdered to my list, the description of well-written with tension and humour, and multiple exciting endings are irresistible!
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Roan: The Tales of Conor Archer is our BOTM for November of last year and it received some high praise! Book: Author Facebook:
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BOOK OF THE DAY February 19th Free on KU and only 99 cents: This book has over 40 Amazon ratings! Written by
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ramydul Feb 18
I won the giveaway on 2/8/2018. Thank you and for the $20 Amazon gift card!
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Dina Feb 18
I was a BOTD (book of the day) WINNER for a $20 Amazon gift card for 2/16 with where you get to find new authors and books! Thank You it IS a real site where you really can win!
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Steve Snyder is one of our brilliant authors! Book: Author:
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Today's book also has high Amazon ratings! Check it out: Written by
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Like adventure? This book is absolutely perfect for you...don't scroll any further and read! Book: Author: Publisher:
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Replying to @jackiesnider
I'm sorry you are having issues with your review book. Please submit your concern through our Contact Form here: Thank you for your patience.
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OBC reviewer says about today's book: "Because of the complex storyline and the realistic portrayal of the characters, I found this book to be an enjoyable read." Check it out:
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Maryann Miller Feb 18
Replying to @TwBookClub
A story that speaks of immigration issues, reflecting current times as 3 families of different heritages struggle to make the San Fernando Valley home in the face of bigotry & racism. Love a good historical, so grabbing this one.
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BOOK OF THE DAY February 18th Check it out: Received a PERFECT 4/4 by OBC reviewer!
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♎ 🅱ylan Feb 17
Two people, both who have had their fair share of experiences, cross paths as one of them looks to heal the troubled soul of the other by sharing experiences from his past. All things considered, this is the kind of book that I love reading because it rings true with real life!
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Wow! Today's book has already jumped to the #12 bestseller in the category! Check out this free book: Congrats !
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James Hanna Feb 17
Thank you Online Book Club for making A Second Less Capable Head Book of the Day on 2/16. I sold 62 ebooks and interacted with hundreds of readers.
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