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Tully Ackland
So, the Star Wars: The Old Republic Free-to-play option is coming November 15, the same time as Game Update 1.5!
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Frankie 8 Nov 12
Ooh, it's like a month early birthday present. Yay!
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Rachel 8 Nov 12
HUZZAH! Is there any useful linkage in terms of what's available for free and what costs? (Guess who's a bit skint at the mo!)
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Kyle Freddie Fisher 8 Nov 12
And everyone said there was no way they would give the F2P option with the new content!
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Tony Michael 8 Nov 12
I just bought CE even though my PC doesnt run it :D Got to try it for an hour last night at my friends, more tomorow.
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Gareth Harmer 8 Nov 12
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Siygess 8 Nov 12
I will remain a subscriber but I can't wait to see what swanky stuff will be in the store for my trooper!
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