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Christopher Danielson
Seventeen very satisfying seconds right here. Full screen highly recommended.
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Mrs. Ryan Math 10 Sep 19
I did this with my kiddos when I taught 8th grade. Really helped them grasp and develop the volume formulas
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Sadie Estrella 🏳️‍🌈 10 Sep 19
is that our video? 😜
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Kate Nowak 10 Sep 19
You know it. Only took 17 takes. 😂
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Martin Joyce 10 Sep 19
Replying to @Trianglemancsd
This created such a lasting impression on my students. “Oh so if a cone is 1/3 and it fills up the rest of a cylinder with a sphere in it, a sphere is 2/3 of a cylinder.” They literally used 2/3pir^2h and subbed 2r for h each time. Conceptual understanding ftw!
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Blair Niblett 12 Sep 19
🤯 (except with smiley expression)
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