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It is legit, but this is just about the device firmware. We are looking for an appropriate wallet interface. More information will come in an official announcement.
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CryptoGeneticist 🌐 21 Nov 17
Thanks, great that such an established like is being considered
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GeckoWacko 21 Nov 17
Guess i'll buy a trezor soon
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Shawn Putnam 28 Nov 17
Fiiiiinally. Thank you. This has been the only thing holding me back from buying one (not that it isn't useful otherwise obviously).
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Divo Cooga 28 Nov 17
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Mid-Dawn Records 11 Dec 17
any update on the progress of the wallet interface?
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Vojtech Cerny 11 Dec 17
Not at the moment, sorry.
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Earnest Funship 31 May 18
Are we still waiting for the official announcement? Eager!
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