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Travel New England
I think a Trex passed out from heat exhaustion or got hit by a car near Quincy Market. I assume bystanders have called paleontologist.
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Travel New England May 17
Replying to @zoonewengland
are you sure your not missing any animals
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Matt Rainone May 17
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Stefan Economou May 17
First Keytar Bear, now this
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Steve Timmins May 17
Where's Alan Grant when you need him? Oh wait, he only deals with velociraptors.
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Vonstradamus May 17
Car? Obviously it was a very, very small asteroid that wiped out that T-Rex.
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Ben 🍺the Wheat Raiser's🍞 Edge May 17
Better call the fire department, too.
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Robert David Sullivan May 17
If it's Quincy Market, you'd better consider day drinking.
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Zoo New England May 17
After a jam-packed day of sightseeing, even a T-Rex needs a nap. Not to worry though, is doing great and will be settling in to for beginning May 26!
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