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Travis Dhanraj
: Internal docs from the Ministry of long-term care obtained by show the gov't suspended proactive & follow up inspections of facilities in March instead moving to an "outreach" model
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Travis Dhanraj May 29
Replying to @Travisdhanraj
: Another internal e-mail from management w/ the ministry of long-term care, dated March 27 telling inspectors in part... "...our work and the role we will play moving forward is not going to be one of compliance and enforcement for the time being."
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T.O. Resident May 29
Yes - I would expect that the inspections process needed to change to factor in emergency procedures during a pandemic. What about the fact that Ford and Fullerton (and governments before them) cut the inspections well before the pandemic?
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Stephen May 29
And, naturally, Thug Ford blames unions & staff, passing the buck. needs to resign along with &
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Æon Bith May 29
Doug "pass the buck-a-beer" Ford has a lasting ring to it.
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Adam Lockett May 29
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ibhattac May 29
The Mengele Fullerton handle I saw on Twitter seems more apt with each document dump. How can a doctor do this to people in their care?
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Hugo May 29
Way to go Dougie! “Red tape”
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Tanner May 29
But please people, keeping healing praise upon Doug Ford 🤦🏻‍♂️. needs to resign.
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#8128 May 29
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What!? You mean that was untruthful? I am completely taken aback....
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