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Trace Mayer
brutally teaches lessons on time preference and opportunity cost. My beautiful shoes cost 100+ bitcoins. 😫 Remember the poem during the Great Depression? Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without. This is war of you against your future self.
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finway2 29 Sep 19
What does the Costco mean?
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Trace Mayer Nov 9
Replying to @finway2 @american_hodl
~440m shares at $302 then $133B or 15.1m BTC market cap. At $8.8k about 0.0347 BTC/share. With $1m & $133B market cap then about 133k BTC market cap. 133k BTC at $0.125 is $16,625. TLDR: HODLers are starting to measure purchasing power in Costco's. 💪
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CozyCrypto 29 Sep 19
I wonder if there will be enough Costcos to meet demand 🤔
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DKC®️ 29 Sep 19
Someone said.. the idea is to be rich NOT to look rich 🔥
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Bitcoin Love Song 日本 - 2010 o.g. 29 Sep 19
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0xKeK 29 Sep 19
Replying to @TraceMayer
Daddy? .... Jk🙂
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AlexLary.HODL⚡️ 29 Sep 19
Always keeping our time preference in perspective. Thank you master hodler Trace Mayer!
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Red 29 Sep 19
I think what's on most peoples minds is whether or not btc will be worth very little between now and 2024.
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PaulK [Jan/3➞₿🔑∎] 29 Sep 19
Good. Keep stacking. I always worry that one day I will wake up and first thing like always I check the price and it’s become too expensive to buy. I’m well up for waiting 5 years. No problem 👍
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