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Victoria Barrett Jan 19
Former poor kids: what are some things you have in your house that you *never* had as a kid, things your not-poor friends would never consider luxuries?
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Too Big To Fail Jan 20
Replying to @victoriabwrites
Liquid milk Cable television Clothes bought new from the store Drier sheets Fresh vegetables Name brand cereal Fitted sheets Multiple pairs of shoes per person Vitamins Unrationed toilet paper
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Too Big To Fail
My wife couldn't understand why I only eat cereal dry, and when I explained that growing up we never had liquid milk in the house she got really quiet. I don't think she fully understood just how poor I was growing up until then.
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John Austin Jan 21
Sometimes I open the fridge and just stare into it in disbelief. When did I get so rich, that I have so much?
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QueenBMrsC🐝❤️🏳️‍🌈 Jan 21
Growing up, I’d open the fridge to see oleo, ketchup, mustard, & a jug of re-constituted powdered milk. Everything else was canned or boxed. I remember coming home from school so hungry, I’d spread oleo on crackers just to stop the hunger pangs. I’m so grateful for a full fridge!
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Diva Chronicles Magazine Jan 21
I just ate dry cereal yesterday. Been eating dry cereal since I was a toddler, even when we had liquid milk.
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Steph of the Revolution 🌹 Jan 21
Oh my god powdered milk I could not with that 😫 I hate cereal tho now because of those kind of memories, and any boxed hamburger helper or Mac n cheese
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Amy M. Jan 23
Dry cereal is better than cereal with crap milk (powdered milk mixed with water). I can taste it! Blagh!!
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Laurie Eng Jan 25
I can still taste the awfulness of powdered milkin cereal. My family got a really decent government surplus powdered milk that was actually drinkable after being refrigerated but the water still instantly soaked into the cereal.
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T Feb 18
Similar experience my husband said it was really nice to live in a house that did not have holes in the roof and walls. I was both humbled and embarrassed.
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Lizee Mar 7
It took me nearly 35 years to stop sniffing milk to make sure it was good, before I would pour it. We had little ghetto stores with iffy milk. If it wasn’t too bad you could use it. But after drinking chunky milk once as a kid, I smelled milk before using it for decades.
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