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Tommy Birch
Mike Olt still hasn't arrived at Principal Park. manager Marty Pevey hadn't heard if he would have to scratch him.
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jeff 24 Jul 13
could be that Soriano deal is close and cubs have him coming to Arizona
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Tommy Birch 24 Jul 13
extremely doubtful.
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Dan Welter 24 Jul 13
on no, @Beef_Olt is born.
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Kevin Piccirilli 24 Jul 13
He does have vision problems. Maybe he took a wrong turn and got lost on the way there?
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Jim Akers 24 Jul 13
how long do players typically have to report ?
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Joe Ostrowski 24 Jul 13
Where in the world is Mike Olt? He sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina. “: Mike Olt still hasn't arrived.
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Connor McKnight 24 Jul 13
Oh sure, Carmen San Diego is cool but referencing Ghostbusters is the worst thing ever.
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Dan J Hobson 24 Jul 13
no referencing Ghostbusters 2 (other than 'Vigo you've been a bad monkey') is unacceptable. Lol
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