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Tom Fitton
Obama knew. Clinton knew. Biden knew. Comey knew. Brennan knew. McCabe knew. Strzok knew. Clapper knew. Rosenstein knew. FBI knew. DOJ knew. CIA knew. State knew. They all knew was innocent but they smeared and spied on him. Worst scandal in our nation's history.
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K2 Apr 30
It’s time for the justice department to go after them!!!
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Jonny Flynn Apr 30
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Georg Dreyman Apr 30
I’m with you. I’ve spent too much time expecting results. You and I can’t skate on a speeding ticket but most if not all these guys will. Especially Obama. America has a vast protected class now.
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Stitch Apr 30
And we knew a long time ago thanks to you.
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Brian Simkins Apr 30
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Curlycue Apr 30
Why in the Hell are they not arrested??!!!!! ENOUGH!!! ARREST ALL OF THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Edward R. Mudrow Apr 30
who is "ALL OF THEM"?
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