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New comic series from Simon Furman and Geoff Senior. All issues available from comic stores or direct from
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Comic Toolbox Jan 27
issue 9, in from the printers, ready for release next week. Really thundering towards the conclusion now, with just one more part after this one...!
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Nick Roche Jan 24
And here's the line art to three of my revealed covers so far. I cannot convey the joy I felt drawing Straxus, Marvel Thunderwing, and Black 'Elmet Megatron.
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Enjoy the notoriety, er, acclaim, Simon! Well done for writing for a very long time.
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Simon Furman Jan 24
Ahead of our FP London signing on Feb 29 (for the Death's Head Freelance Peacekeeping Agent omnibus from ) FP Newcastle have an exhibition of original DH art by and - from The Crossroads of Time, The Body in Question, Death's Head #1 and more!
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Benson Yee Jan 23
Comic Book News: IDW Publishing has announced a follow up to last year's "Transformers '84 #0" one-shot! Check out details on a new "Transformers '84" mini-series coming in April.
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Liam 'Sharpy' Sharp Jan 22
If you can help please do! It’s incredibly hard to be freelance in this day and age. Nobody should be losing their home...
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I really hope the next panel was Death hanging off the bonnet, Target:2006 style!
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Forbidden Planet Jan 15
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Simon Furman Jan 15
#7: "Hope For The Best... Plan For The Worst" - available as of today on all digital channels, including Comixology!
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ComicScene #comicbookchallenge Jan 14
Deaths Head Signing Session at FP London
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Simon Furman Jan 14
Hey, Forbidden Planet London have just announced the stellar line-up (plus me) for their Death's Head Freelance Peacekeeping Agent (omnibus) signing on Sat Feb 29. , , , & !
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ComicScene #comicbookchallenge Jan 12
Every cover of ComicScene, Contents and how to get a copy in digital Volume 2 Issue 4
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Big Bang Comics Jan 11
Right now, 's mother, one of the coolest women in Ireland, is saying a few words about Declan and how proud she is and omg 😭
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Russell Jan 11
Today’s comic purchase from the mighty &
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Darren Wadsworth Jan 11
binging the first 8 issues of To the Death is an absolute blast. Action comics with colourful characters just as I remember them.
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ComicScene #comicbookchallenge Jan 8
See all the artwork sent by Martin Baines in the ComicScene Gallery and new material added today
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Out of Context Transformers Jan 8
Your morning reminder that Target: 2006 is rad
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Travis Brown Jan 8
I guess I was near the front of the queue? Lol. Cause issue 8 arrived today and didn't disappoint! The end is in sight and things are looking grim for our heroes! I'm really not sure if this is gonna end well, nail biting stuff. Also could this panel be any more ?😄
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Simon Furman Jan 8
Oh, and for anyone wanting to jump in from the start we've extended our Xmas pack (#1-5 & the prequel for just £20) offer to Jan 31st. www.getmycomics/tothedeath
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Simon Furman Jan 8
It's New Comic Book Day - and among the fresh influx of sequential narrative goodness is #8! 48 perfect bound pages packed to the panel borders with world-shattering epic-ness! It can be yours... all yours... Form an orderly queue!
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