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Tim Miller
On CNN just said that calling someone an "eating machine" is not demeaning to women. "I like to eat," she added.
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Chris Jackson 27 Sep 16
Do you think it's tough for her to sleep at night?
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Tim Miller 27 Sep 16
no but I hope friends with consciences are shunning her
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Daniel Walters 27 Sep 16
Replying to @Timodc
"And, in fact, piggies are among the more intelligent mammals, and have a heightened sense of smell that help them find truffles!"
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I Stan for Black Women and Humanity🦋tiredofit10 27 Sep 16
she looks like someone needs to give her a couple of ham sandwiches.
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Apple Longenes 27 Sep 16
she'd put a wooden spoon down her throat to throw them up..
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Lady🇺🇸🗽🌎🌈☀️💙 27 Sep 16
"and as a law student I know what I'm talking about". 🐍
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Chris 27 Sep 16
I have no idea why this woman is on TV. Everything out of her mouth is garbage.
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ThisWeekinRed 27 Sep 16
don't worry she'll be back on the stripper pole Nov. 9th.
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Jonathan Tasini 27 Sep 16
war is peace , freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength
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Democratic Abuela always votes 27 Sep 16
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