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Frans Timmermans
to end the gender pay gap in Europe 👩‍💻=👨‍💻 / 👩‍🏫=👨‍🏫 / 👩‍🍳=👨‍🍳 / 👩‍🏭=👨‍🏭 👩‍✈️=👨‍✈️ / 👩‍⚖️=👨‍⚖️ / 👩‍🚒=👨‍🚒 / 👮‍♀️=👮‍♂️ 👷‍♀️=👷‍♂️ / 👩‍🔬=👨‍🔬 / 👩‍🌾=👨‍🌾 / 🦸‍♀️=🦸‍♂️
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Henk de Vries 27 Feb 19
Nou, lever dan maar wat van je salaris in 🤣
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Nikita Sanaullah 27 Feb 19
This is brilliant, but what about ending the 'age' pay gap? Will you commit to pushing for the abolishment of discriminatory youth minimum wage policies? Young people deserve equal pay for work of equal value too!!!
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marc arquin 27 Feb 19
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shaghayeghشقايق 27 Feb 19
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Jan Malinowski 27 Feb 19
Agreed. Remember that there are 15 pending (against each of the countries that accepted this monitoring procedure) lodged by University Women of Europe (UWE) on the subject of
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Komarand 27 Feb 19
Yeah... Now accuse Poland...
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Ryszard Kierepa 27 Feb 19
During the Nazi period of slavery, this guest deals with substitute subjects. I was with "S" write the year 1989 will go to our history as the second in the last century after 39 years tragic for us Poles. In both cases, Germany is the leader.
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Alex 27 Feb 19
gender pay gap it is a non issue..
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elkemiek 27 Feb 19
Geldt dat ook voor de moslimgemeenschap?
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