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Tom Pride
In 2011, new Foreign Secretary in a policy paper for the right-wing described holiday pay, the minimum wage and pension contributions as 'strait jackets' for British businesses. I have a copy if anyone wants to read it.
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Brian Tutt Jul 24
The word "straight-jacket" is appropriate in Raab's case....
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Linda Button Jul 24
what a tw*t there's no i in that
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Graham Minenor-Matheson Jul 24
Was this his headshot for the Snatch movie? What is it with the fly-catching gangster look?
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francis #FBPE 🔶 Jul 24
Not his own pension obvs.
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Mark Jul 24
And still thick fuckers that read the right wing press will think cutting off their left AND right arm will be good for them
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ReadersGroup Jul 24
We are now at the point now of asking of anyone appointed to a position The Johnson has held previously, "Can he f*** it up worse than The Johnson?" We're f***ing doomed.
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