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✪ 1Cryptoh ✪
"We initially deployed our platform on the Ethereum blockchain, however, poor scaling forced us to move to the EOS blockchain. We will move blockchains again if EOS does not begin to fix its governance problem." IS THE ONLY BLOCKCHAIN THAT WORKS.
In its current state, the EOS blockchain is no place for dApps like EarnBet with commercial-scale aspirations. @EarnBetCasino
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Jeffrey Rufino Nov 26
Far out.. that's a horrible user experience. Are there good casinos that work on BSV?
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✪ 1Cryptoh ✪ Nov 26
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Martin Skieller Nov 26
time to cut down opportunity costs and switch over to 💁‍♂️ - Stable, - Scalable, - Secure. A business dream :)
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Wow BSV is bitcoin
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Michael Wehrmann Nov 27
Replying to @The_Cryptoh_Pro
Good catch. Sooner or later they have to move to BSV.
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Brendan Lee Nov 27
I talked to these idiots. They are only interested in a blockchain with ‘hype’ behind it. I told them they were idiots for expecting their money to come from the crypto instead of their business. They deleted the chat.
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